Thank you for visiting Outlook on Health, a trusted online health and wellness resource. My name is Trisha Bogucki, and I am a registered pharmacist and medical writer. Being a medical writer has allowed me to blend my two greatest passions; healthcare and writing.  A pharmacist by training, I primarily worked in the community setting throughout school and upon graduation. I later accepted a position as a clinical pharmacist in a hospice and palliative care setting.  Years of patient interaction, physician and nurse collaboration, and new hire training have allowed me to discover my passion for medical communication. I not only understand the continuous need for up-to-date and accurate information in today’s evolving and dynamic world of healthcare, but also prompt delivery of this information in a concise manner.

  • Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Temple University, Philadelphia
  • Certified in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
  • Member of the American Medical Writer’s Association

I like to think of my approach to healthcare as both broad and holistic. The beauty of our world today is that we have access to medications that help keep our health optimal. However, I don’t always believe that a drug or chemical should be first line. I have studied alternative medicine extensively and seen where other modalities (such as lifestyle choices, proper nutrition, and other therapies) may work even better than using unnecessary drugs or chemicals. I hope you find this holistic view throughout the articles I write. I truly believe that when it comes to healthcare, when East meets West is best.

My book, Practical Radiance: 30 Days to Brighter Living and Smarter Health is available for purchase here. Written with the modern woman in mind, this book is a quick and easy guide filled with timeless knowledge for making your health a priority again. Let’s face it – it is easy to be overwhelmed today with social media, the onslaught of products, and opinions from almost everyone we meet! Practical Radiance gets down to basics and gives you the knowledge and empowerment to take of YOU (and your loved ones). I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Lastly, aside from this website, I also provide more technical writing services. If you are a company or educational institution in need of writing services, I can assist you with the following:

Writing Services

  • Informational articles
  • Continuing Education (CMEs)
  • Patient brochures
  • Drug monographs
  • Website content
  • Revision work

To learn more about my writing services, you can contact me here.

My goal is to help you stay informed about your health. As a pharmacist, I am an advocate of the public – everyone has a right to access quality and accurate information regarding their well-being. Thank you for visiting!