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Close-up of unrecognizable woman what holds nasal spray

The Nasal Spray “Addiction”

  Many would agree that nasal congestion is one of the more bothersome symptoms of a common cold or allergies. Congestion can put a heavy burden on work, play, or sleep by making it...

Fit senior lady choosing a healthy apple for dessert instead of fattening chocolate cake. Isolated on white.

New Study Shows Benefit for Diabetics

  November is widely known as American Diabetes Month – a month that ironically emerges amidst the piles of leftover Halloween candy and remnants of apple cider doughnuts. This time serves as a gentle...

Doctor nutritionist in office measuring blood pressure of his patient

Beta Blockers and Weight Gain

  Many clinicians will agree that high blood pressure, or hypertension, is a “silent killer” that is both common and dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that about 1 in every...